About Alarms Direct (Scotland) UK

Alarms Direct (Scotland) UK is the product of a family from Edinburgh in 1996, between 2 brothers. The company has over 35 years experience in the Electronic Security Industry. This vast experience guarantees a superior quality of service in all aspects of security, from residential to large commercial clients.

Alarms Direct (Scotland) UK are a strong contender in the competitive security industry, and is a name that customers equate with reliability, excellent value and above all, peace of mind. It is our aim to give our customers a higher level of security system, better, more direct service and superior attention to detail, at a cost equal to, or very often less, than our competitors.

Alarms Direct (Scotland) UK offer tailored security systems specific to each individual client's needs, with personal guidance throughout the process. Alarms Direct (Scotland) UK are a leader in innovative technology and design, and continue to excel in the security industry.

Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems, Intruder Alarm Systems and Home CCTV Systems in Glasgow, Scotland

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